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5 Tips for Getting Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

It’s a fight every morning and every night before bed. Brush your teeth! Your child says no and stomps around and refuses, procrastinating to the point you’re too tired to continue and you capitulate.

Are you tired of the rigamarole? Flossy Brush lists our top 5 tips for getting your kids to brush their teeth.

  1. Make it fun! If it’s fun, kids will do anything. The airplane game is popular (I know, cheesy for you, but mega-cool for the kids!). Pretend the toothbrush is an airplane and fly it around until it lands in your child’s mouth. It takes two minutes for all the passengers to unload and then the toothbrush can take off again!  This is just one game you can invent to play with your child. Use their likes and dislikes. Princess games and dinosaur games also work well.
  2. Let your child pick out their own toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. If children feel involved and have an ownership in the process, they are much more likely to engage. There’s a toothbrush on the market featuring princesses, superheroes, and animals. Toothpaste as well comes in every imaginable flavor and kid-friendly packaging. Go to the store and make a big deal of picking these out. Of course, Flossy Brush offers many kinds of toothbrushes and floss all in one so your kids won’t lose it. Flossy Brush also recommends having more than one toothbrush on hand--one from the store and one of ours so your child flosses as well.
  3. Skip the toothpaste if necessary. The taste of toothpaste is the number one complaint of kids brushing their teeth. It’s messy. The tube is hard to squeeze. At a young age, it’s more important to establish the habit than correct usage. Let your child just use the brush in the beginning. It will clean the teeth (just not as effectively) and ingrain the habit. A win-win combination!
  4. Brush your teeth with your child. Children LOVE to imitate their parents. In fact, they can’t help it--special cells in our brains called mirror neurons prompt us to learn by watching and then doing. It’s a powerful process, and could be a special memory your child remembers forever!
  5. Stay positive! It’s easy especially in the morning school rush or the end of a long day to get frustrated with your child. Give him or her time. If you’re positive and consistently reinforce the importance of taking care of your teeth, your child will eventually get it. And little do they know what gift you are giving them!

Flossy Brush understands the importance of taking care of your teeth. Your natural teeth are the best set you’ve got and unlike sharks, we can’t replace them! Early care and maintenance of your teeth and your child’s teeth will pay back volumes in having good oral health care for your lifetime.

Flossy Brush offers many options that are family-friendly. Our Flossy Brush-Sensitive Family Pack is great for those with sensitive teeth. You get three of our unique all-in-one toothbrush plus flossing device at the cost of only two, which is designed with those with sensitive teeth in mind.

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Flossy Brush also sells our unique all-in-one toothbrushes individually, so you are free to order one and see if your child likes it or not. We also sell separate floss, so if your child already has a favorite toothbrush, our Flossy Brush-Expanding Floss is a great addition to your oral health care. It comes in a great-tasting mint flavor. Order online today!