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ASD Market Week 2018

ASD Market Week is a great opportunity to find profitable wholesale opportunities. Don't miss this opportunity to partner with Flossy Brush as an exclusive carrier of the innovative 2-in-1 Toothbrush and Flosser, Flossy Brush.


This is not just another toothbrush. It's simple, compact design combines the toothbrush on one end and the flossing aid on the opposite end. No more hassle when brushing and flossing. The Flossy brush is the ultimate combination.


Everyone who has teeth needs a toothbrush, and they need to floss! We are taking a multi-faceted approach to our target audience so that the entire family can take advantage of the many benefits of Flossy Brush.


Flossy Brush

The Flossy Brush comes in 2 variants and 3 color schemes, for a total of 6 color combinations. 

Flossy Floss

Expandable Floss. Expands in contact with saliva to better reach interdental spaces. Sticks to plaque and food unlike the teflon tape from other brands.


  • There are so many dental health products on the market, but none that do what the Flossy Brush does. Our product is entirely unique and patented, so there isn’t anything else like it.
  • When you buy our all-in-one dental health product, you’re also saving your customers money. If they were to buy 10 yards of floss, a floss holder, and a high-quality toothbrush separately, they’d expect to pay at least $11.
  • MSRP is $5.99, totaling $4 gross profit/sku.
  • Flossy Brush is the best return on shelf space in this category. Up to 67% Margins!
  • This is the best price/quality/quantity ration on the market!
  • Your customers can get started for only $5.99, which includes the brush and 10 yards of our expandable floss.
  • For refills of the Flossy Floss, it will cost $3.99 for 40 yards. Our competitors charge up to $7 for the equivalent amount.
  • Personalized digital marketing campaigns for our retail partners to drive traffic and awareness to your local stores!
    • Partnered with Inc. 500 Marketing Company, Marketing360
    • Geo-targeted social media marketing campaigns to reach local consumers
    • Co-branded marketing creative for local awareness and online engagement
We are in the retail roll-out stage and are seeking partners to carry our products. Join us in making history. Find us at booth SU3252 all week!
Flossy Brush
Ashburn, VA, USA