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The Flossy Brush - Sensitive Soft
The Flossy Brush - Sensitive Soft
The Flossy Brush - Sensitive Soft

The Flossy Brush - Sensitive Soft


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The Flossy Brush--Sensitive Soft is our all-in-one toothbrush and floss dental tool, designed to make brushing and flossing easier.

  • Super soft bristles for those with sensitive teeth
  • Bristles are tapered to reach below the gumline
  • Ergonomic handle enables you to reach the hard to reach places
  • The Flossy Brush is compatible with almost all types of floss
  • Comes with Flossy Brush’s Expanding Floss - Fresh Mint flavor

Cleaning your teeth has never been easier with the Flossy Brush--Sensitive Soft brush and floss system, the newest in oral health care technology. Having both a toothbrush and floss in one makes it difficult to forget to floss, which is great for kids who have a hard time remembering. Our Flossy Brush removes more plaque, which is crucial to preventing gingivitis, gum diseases, and cavities. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth a full two minutes and flossing at least once a week. Contact Flossy Brush today to be on your way to better oral health!

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