New Innovative 2-in-1 Flossy Brush Leaves Teeth Feeling Clean and Healthy

A simple, compact and innovative design to promote healthy dental hygiene. A toothbrush and flosser in one.

Flossy Brush - Features

  • Bristle Tips

    Tynex/Soft Nylon for a more conventional feel. (Green)

    Ultrasoft bristles tapered 0.01 tip to reach below the gum and in between the teeth. (Red)

  • Compact Head Design

    Light, Flexible, Curved to reach with ease even in the most difficult areas of the mouth.

  • Ergonomic Body Design

    Soft grip insert for better handling and feel.

  • Integrated Floss Holder

    Economical, fun and easy. No need to carry separate flosser.

    Reach into the most difficult areas of your mouth.

    Easy to apply, remove and replace floss.

    Universal. Will accept any type of floss on the market today.

Why Flossy Brush

  • Not just another Toothbrush

    A simple ,clean compact design that combines the tooth brush on one end and the flossing aid on the opposite end.

  • Economical

    Economical, simple, easy to use.

    Dentist designed, tested and recommended.

  • Floss Regularly

    Let's face it - the burden of using a separate tool for the flossing prevents many from doing so.

  • America First

    Flossy Brush is registered, patented and operates out of Virginia, United States.


Ordering and Returns

If you are unhappy with your Flossy Brush, please reach out - we will make you happy. Our normal return period is 30 days. Ship it back for a full refund, but give us the benefit of the doubt first and reach out with your issue.

Distribution / Wholesale

We are looking for partners for retail store roll out. If our product compels you, reach out and let's talk business.

Floss Compatibility

The Flossy Brush is compatible with virtually all types of floss. Flossy also manufacture's our own floss product - available here.

We also include a roll of floss in the package, so you may get started immediately.

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