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The Flossy Brush - Soft
The Flossy Brush - Soft
The Flossy Brush - Soft

The Flossy Brush - Soft


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Flossy Brush--Soft is the all-in-one brush and floss system designed to be the best toothbrush and floss set available.

  • Flossy Brush’s all in one design is a memory tool to remember to floss, which leads to better oral health
  • Compatible with all kinds of dental floss, including Flossy Brush’s - Expanding Floss - Fresh Mint
  • Reusable flossing end, eliminating the need and expense to buy more dispensers
  • Flossy Brush--Soft is perfect for everyday use and for travel

You only get two sets of teeth over a lifetime: baby teeth which last about 12 years and then adult or permanent teeth. With people’s lifespan growing longer every year, you need your teeth to last. Thus, if you want to keep your teeth, you have to brush and floss daily. There’s no other solution. Flossy Brush’s mission is to improve your overall oral health care with this brush and floss combo. By putting this system together, Flossy Brush believes there’s no better brush and floss available. Contact us today!

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  • Three amazing color combinations to choose from