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The Flossy Brush - Soft
The Flossy Brush - Soft
The Flossy Brush - Soft

The Flossy Brush - Soft


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All-in-one design offering a brush head on one end and a flossing device (fork) at the opposite end.

Flossing aid solves the issue of “can’t floss back the back of my mouth.”

Solution to reach far back in hard to reach areas of the mouth.

Great traveling brush and floss all in one package.

Reusable flossing end, no need for buying replacements (as the existing pre-flossed devices on the market today.)

Removes significantly more plaque than a regular manual brush.

Tynex/Soft Nylon for a more conventional feel.

Ultrasoft bristles tapered 0.01 tip to reach below the gum.

The Flossy Brush is compatible with virtually all types of floss. Flossy also manufactures its own floss product - available here on our website.

We also include a roll of floss in the package so that you may get started immediately!